Keeping Cane Fly Rods Looking Like New

I have spent many years using a product by the name of Novus. Many years ago I wrote an article for The Planing Form news letter on this particular line of products. Novus cleaners and polishes will clean water spots, clear up minor scratches, and maintain a clear conditioned finish on your rod sections and wraps. Originally this product was used for keeping aircraft cockpit canopies clear and conditioned. Over the years it has proved itself in many different categories when it comes to cleaning and conditioning both plastics and certain finishes. Polyurethane, spar, spar polyurethane, and even tung oil finishes benefit greatly when combined with a regular cleaning regimen using the Novus line. Graphite rods also benefit when using this product for cleaning and conditioning purposes.

~For general cleaning halfway through the fishing season use the #2“Fine Scratch Remover” followed by the #1“Plastic Clean and Shine”. Rub the compounds in lightly using an old t-shirt scrap or a soft cotton sheet swatch. Let each coat dry for about 90 seconds and wipe clean. If you have hard water marks that have accumulated on wraps or on rod sections use a rooster quill, bone burnisher, or smoothed toothpick and very gently rub the spot. Tip section wraps typically get the white residue after a season of use on the foot of the guides. You will see a chalky residue powder from the water spot release from the surface. Just wipe clean and use the “Plastic Clean and Shine” #1 for the final rub down. The results are quite remarkable and will keep your heavily used rods looking like new.
above: “Johnny Logan” 7' 4wt. and a 18" Mad River Brown July 12 2016, over a decade of very heavy use this rod has been pampered using the Novus regimen for quite some time.

 The above picture is my own personal rod I made back in 2005 (same rod in first photo) and has been kept looking like new year after year. Over a decade later my trusty old 7' 4wt. “Johnny Logan” is still looking like new!

Hope this is helpful to all of you who have inquired about seasonal cleaning.
         ~Clint Joseph Bova