Casting Discipline~Tactics In the Heat

 Creeping up on a pool of big Browns. Knowing that my first cast will be the most important cast of the day will prompt me to slow down, be observant, and crawl well behind the pool.
“Every shot counts” is the mantra that you will hear from not only hunters, but archers, and competition shooters. Your next cast can either make or break your day on the water especially when fishing over weary and skittish trout. My success on the water is only as good as my last cast. Prospecting using search patterns always requires a level of precision, focus, and attention to detail. Prospecting is no different than sight fishing when considering the quality cast and visualizing your potential targets. If your prospecting in clear low water you have to be mindful that your first cast could scare the entire pool of trout. Tactical methods are best used in either approach. Focus less on your equipment and more on your casting discipline even when the fishing is slow. Your rod will only serve you well if you pay less attention to it and more attention to the water in front of you. Slow down, be observant, focus on the water and not yourself. Make every cast count in the hot summer months. In small water be more diligent about actually getting out of the water and approaching potential targets from directly behind. Sloshing while casting downstream is totally unproductive not to mention disturbing to other fishermen.  Recently a loud fisherman on his cel phone came sloshing downstream scaring the entire pool I was fishing and complained he had a frustrating day of fishing. He walked right under my rod tip...need I say more.