Spring Wings

“Spring Wings”~ waterbourne wing collage by Clint Bova Spring 2016

The cat and mouse spring games begin with the 2016 rain storms. Although not officially spring yet the rains are persistent and illusive. I jumped in my truck this morning on a quick run down a farm access road near my house. The small black Stoneflies are coming off the water in a downpour but no visible traces of fish in the half mile stretch that I bushwhacked. After soaking myself to the bone drove back up the dirt path, darted around a racoon and her cubs, and took a quick shower. As I am drying myself the sun poked its weary head out. I jump back in my truck go down the road, rod still rigged, and get about 8 minutes of great fishing. Two rises, two fish, followed by a torrential downpour the rain immediately put the trout down. Rinse and repeat..... Cat and mouse persistence pays dividends but can be exhausting in the spring!
                       Happy Spring 2016 everyone ~ Clint Joseph Bova