“Quiet as an Indian” The Upstream Approach

 “Under the River Brush” 6x8 inch oil study, on wood panel 
Clint Bova, Memoirs on The Mad, October 2016

I recently spoke with a gentleman about the Mad River and its fickle ways. He asked me how I typically “find fish” on The Mad. I replied “with great skepticism” not because of a lack of fish but because it is very easy to spook a 100 yards worth of fish with the wrong step. The best bit of advice I gave to him was always approach the fish from an upstream position and hug the bank quietly. No need to feel like you have to shoot out a gazillion yards of line out. A short rod will work just fine. Maybe its the American Indian blood in me but the quote from Daniel Boone “quiet as an Indian” holds true for The Mad. 
                     ~Clint Joseph Bova