Seldom Seen Cane Rods ~ the Silent Partner

“Seldom Seen Pond” oil on wood panel 6x8 
Field Study by Clint Bova 2017

An early fall and hot weather has made for some interesting color this year as well as some interesting insects that have been hatching out of season. Fumbling through fly boxes that are out of season and modifying patterns to keep up with the idiosyncrasies are a common fly fishing occurrence for the last three or so weeks. I suppose it keeps the angler on his toes and keep the creative juices flowing. My motto is “failure is always an option” just don't let it get you down.
I think my bamboo rod is the only familiar partner I have during this strange uncharacteristic season.

Some fall signs in the middle of August, the little black 
surface midges prove a worthy fly to carry