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“Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life”


let it flow

Clint Joseph Bova



Slow Water Caddis Emerger

 The Caddis emerger is a very important part of the trouts diet. During this life stage the Caddis is especially vulnerable to the elements and is easy prey thus making it very attractive to these very energy conscious fish. The insect is just about ready to break free of its nymphal shuck and the count down for its launch sequence begins with a few wiggles.

I have always been looking for a great surface fly that mimics these little beauties. For a few years now I have gotten a lot of use of this little emerger pattern that tends to out fish most of my other emerger patterns even when there is no discernible hatch.

This is a great pattern for super finicky Brown trout. I have fooled many fish with this pattern and with the right combination of materials it is a pattern that stays floating even in fast water for a long time. With the use of TMC's Aero Wing material (extended shuck) the fly is a great floater. The fibers are not only fine but hollow keeping the fly floating at the proper angle.

                                                Hook: TMC 212Y (emerger hook)
                                                Thread: Green or Gray Veevus 14/0
                                                Abdomen: Green or Gray Micro Chenille 
                                                Wire Ribbing: Extra Fine silver or gold
                                                Shuck: TMC Aero Wing Dry Fly
                                                Legs: Dyed duck flank lemon or gray 
                                                Thorax: Beaver Belly black or dark gray
                                                Hackle: Medium dun
                                                Wing post: Turkey Flats

Photos: Clint Joseph Bova  www.cjbovarods.com