Green Quill Adult Midge

During the summer months my midge box evolves and changes slowly. Hook sizes progressively get small and smaller, and the patterns themselves get more and more sparse. My quilled green midge fly is one of my most productive patterns. It is easy to see, floats great when tied on a short shank wide gap hook, and seems to fool the fish in the most shallowest of water. As the summer transitions into fall my midge colors become darker and eventually black is the dominant color in my box. The green midges are relatively successful for me through October.

Green Quill Adult Midge
Hook: TMC 531 #16-22
Thread: Veevus 14/0 light green
Body: Quill dyed Ritt Apple Green over dyed Kelly Green
Legs: Pheasant tail dyed Ritt Brown over dyed with Ritt Lemon Yellow
Underwing: Aero Wing Dry Fly small clump of fibers Medium Dun
Wing: Hen cape tips dyed medium dun
Hackle: Medium Dun

This is a relatively easy fly to tie. A single quill body wrapped around a short shanked wide gap hook such as the TMC531 is a great choice. Tie on 2 sets of double knotted pheasant tail legs dyed brown or a brownish yellow color. This is followed by tying on a single small clump of Aero Wing Dry Fly fibers in a medium or dark dun. This tiny clump will act as an underwing and add some flotation to the rear of the fly. Hen tip wings are then tied in on top of the Aero Wing fibers. Make sure your thread is properly waxed because the threads will tend to slip on the Aero Wing fibers. Finally take 3 to 5 turns of medium dun hackle and trim a small “V” out of the bottom of your hackle collar. This will ensure the fly to sit close in the surface film.
                                                         ~Clint Joseph Bova