Clint's Cinnamon Sedge Extended Body

I got a call from a friend the other day and he asked me if I had seen any October Caddis on the water yet. We have had a lot of rain on the Mad River so between the storms I took my bike down the street to go have a quick look. I typically see Caddis fluttering about at a little cattle crossing where there is a lot of oxygenated water. When the weather is in constant flux Caddis tend to pop up here and there at this time of year. It helps living so close to a trout stream, the downside is that my buddies call me for the daily river scoop. Lo and behold I had a few short glimpses of the little rusty colored Trichoptera. So I reported back to HQ and Ben asked me to tie up some Rusty Sedges for him. This pattern is a great extended body pattern I came up with on a short shanked hook. I tie it using medium gray, warm gray, tan, cocoa brown, and even a golden straw color.

Clint's Cinnamon Sedge Extended Body 
(October Caddis)
Hook: Kamasan B160 sizes #14-20
Thread: Veevus 14/0 Rusty Brown
Hackle: Ginger/Natural
Extended Abdomen: Micro Chenille Small burnt orange
Dubbing: Awesome Possum Rust
Legs: Natural knotted Pheasant tail (two knots for each leg x4)
Wings: Dyed Turkey Biots (Rit Tan over dyed orange and Cocoa Brown)
Underwing: Aero Dry Fly Medium Dun
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Hope you enjoy tying these up as much as I do do!
              ~Cheers Clint Joseph Bova