Early Morning Midge Fishing

“Track to Lippincott Run” Clint Joseph Bova Oil on 6x8 Panel

I take long walks in the early morning hours to get to the fish. The walks provide me with time to think about how I'm going to fish, how I am going to enter the water, and what I will be fishing with. I suppose walking creates mind space for positive affirmation and the creative visualization process I need to go through prior to getting my feet wet. This always provides me with the confidence and wherewithal to pursue difficult trout. Along the way my mind takes me to oil painting and if I am lucky I may see something that I really want to paint. There is so much inspiration around me it is often easy to get side tracked and the fishing just becomes a fraction of the daily experience.
I think just getting myself lost in the moment is my mental attitude this season, it seems to be working because the fishing has be phenomenal.
                                            ~Clint Joseph Bova