The Upstream Approach

“Upstream Under Cover” field study, N. Lippencott 
oil on 6x8 wood panel ~Clint Bova

When fishing in narrow creeks and smallish streams the mantra has always been move slowly and fish in the upstream position. There is a lot of truth to these precepts for about a half dozen different reasons. If you have ever read In the Ring of the Rise by Vince Marinaro he speaks about moving in the upstream position with great conviction. Marinaro is a master of deception when it comes to remaining invisible to trout and moving with catlike stealth.

~The upstream position or 12 o'clock position allows you to move without creating any siltation that will often trigger a flight response from fish.

~The upstream position allows you to stay out of the fishes peripheral vision and what we call the absolute window. Just recently marine biologists are discovering that the fishes eyesight is much more acute above the surface than previously understood.

~The upstream position allows the fisherman to reposition casts without creating splashes and water disturbances that will eventually move over the fish.

Some simple common sense stuff that will make for a better day of fishing.
                 ~Clint Joseph Bova