The Midge Fest

Spring Buffet, Clint Bova, 5" x 5" collage

During the early spring dashing through the woods avoiding lightning and getting smashed by falling branches is a challenge in itself. Another challenge is spotting insects that the trout are zeroing in on. Being a creature of habit and optimism I grab my box of midges without even thinking. Fore and Aft patterns, A.K. Best styled midges with modified biot wings, and the old standby, parachute emergers.
The “Dark Child Box” is my pet name for flies that work best for me at this time of year. This is because the colors are cool grays that lean to near ivory black. Prospecting is out of the question for this time of year for a surface session. Go look for the fish from the banks. I don't even bother getting in the water if I do not see any surface activity. Be slow and methodical, don't feel rushed, and most of all keep your expectations in check. The spring fever is always entertaining and seeing other anglers whip the water up till it turns to butter is like sitting at the mall and people watching for me. There is always one fly fisher smoking a stogie and swearing like a drunk sailor. Think of fishing at this time of year as a nice stroll in the woods interrupted by...fishing.
Happy Spring 2016
Clint Joseph Bova