Dying Your Hackles~ Pearl Grey Rit Liquid Dye

So it took what felt like four decades but Rit finally shelved Pearl Grey in Liquid form. This is sweet news to the ears of most hardcore fly tyers because powder versions of grey can be very very inconsistent. Many of the greys lean towards warm to magenta and mixing grey as everyone knows is very difficult because of the variables. Now that Rit makes Pearl Grey in liquid for you can simply warm it up or cool it down using the other colors such as magenta or cyan. Most of my grey batches I add a smidge of red to warm the liquid form. I have found the liquid form is very consistent from bottle to bottle as opposed to the traditional salt crystal packs.

The above photo of the biot dun illustrates the liquid form results with a tad of red added for depth, and warmth. Hackles, tailing fibers, biot, and hen tips all dyed with the new liquid form.
The consistency is what excites me and cuts the guess work and dilution time in half. Happy dying everyone!
                    Clint Joseph Bova