Tying Small

Occasionally the Spring brings little if any rainfall during some of the first Mayfly hatches. This can make for some interesting fishing conditions especially when deja vu whispers and I have visions of the previous fall with typically low and clear water conditions. Ultimately early spring fishing can pay big dividends with Hendrickson hatches sporadically popping up. Timing and temperature is everything but with low and clear water conditions another frustrating factor can turn a potentially awesome day into a wash. Tying small can save the day in many conditions, this year was no exception. I was able to catch some great mayfly hatches in Western PA and some of my home waters this year. I have a stash of special dry fly boxes I put together over the winter that are my everyday patterns that I tie smaller than normal. By smaller than normal I mean I go down one or two hook sizes. This year I was armed with a box of Hendrickson patterns tied in the small that really pulled through for me. Most of my successful spring fly's this year consisted of mayfly patterns tied on #16 hooks down to #20's. The fished seemed fussier and my standard size Hendrickson patterns unfortunately did not get wet this year. I guess sometimes good things happen when you present small packages.
            ~Clint Bova