The Art of Rod Crossman

“Trico Take”

Rod Crossman was raised in Upstate New York and now lives in Indiana. “He makes his living creating paintings, as a professor, an artist in residence at Indiana Wesleyan University. Other vocations have included life-guarding, sacking groceries, factory work, and graphic design”


Rod has two boys who share a common interest with him, an affinity for moving water. This thankfully brings them all together on occasion to go fly fishing. Rod has a keen eye for capturing wonderful moments when it comes to lighting, spacial relationships, and natures most awesome raw medium, water.

“Hemingway's Meadow”

Rod’s artwork has been published in some of the best sporting magazines, books and journals. His paintings have been shown world wide, including the Smithsonian, Chicago Art Institute, Woodson Art Museum, Ward Museum, and the High Museum. Rod has designed Trout, Turkey, Upland bird, and Duck stamps for several states with his design skills.

“Checking the Fly”

“Rod has a keen affinity for moments of what he calls wonder and awe. The magical state of being that leaves us vulnerable to the idea there is something more important in universe than ourselves”