Landscapes by Christopher Greco

                            “Streaming Light and Shadow” oil on board

                         “Late Afternoon Below the Fields” oil on board
                            “Side Door and Back Steps” oil on board
                                  “Beside a Stream” oil on board

                                  “Down River” oil on board

Christopher Greco is one of those rare painters you come across that has a point of view that incorporates old school mediums in a very relevant and current way. His series “A New Painting Every Day” captures a natural rural spirit that is honest and heartfelt. I catch myself smiling when I look at his paintings because I feel as though I am experiencing this scenery along side him. Most of these paintings from his series are all done on location, in a somewhat spontaneous manner, with no reworking.  Christopher Greco resides in Westlake Ohio and continues to produce marvelous work with his oils.
             ~Clint Bova