Guidewater Pants by Patagonia®~Product Review

I have been waiting a long time to find a really functional and comfortable wet wading pant. During the summer months shorts just do not cut it for me because of sun, brambles, poison oak, poison ivy, leaches, deer fly's, the occasional hungry mink, and various other man nibbling critters. Patagonia's Guidewater Pant is the best wet wading pant I've used period. I have used these pants for about a season and have no issues at all with the wear, general design, or comfort. These pants do not bunch up or bind when wet. They are pliable, dry very quickly, and repel water like a raincoat. Finally I found a wet wading pant that works great which is a genuine relief because I have been searching for a wet wading pant that fulfills all of the above criteria. I really have no reason to wear waders during the summer months now. Even my waist high waders are now collecting dust during the summer months which is a relief because I just don't like the extra bulk when its over 80 degrees.
         ~Clint Bova