The Gossamer Comparadun

 The Gossamer Comparadun photos Clint Bova
Shown above #18-22 Comparaduns using TMC 531 hooks

The basic design of the Comparadun is very simple. The difficulty people have tying it stems from proportion and the bulk of materials added to the hook. This is a thorax fly by this I mean it is meant to sit very low in the water not on its tippy toes. Its thorax needs to be in the surface film for it to imitate the natural insect. Using a treated dubbing such as Beaver Belly will ensure proper floatation for a longer period of time. Using coastal deer hair meant for comparadun flies is always preferable as well. The flies shown above are #18's on TMC 531 wide gape hooks. The typical comparadun uses only deer hair for its wing profile but I include a couple of turns of medium or light dun hackle to imitate the splaying legs in the surface film which the insect is prone to simply because it is desperately trying to escape from the water. The result of this simple combination of materials is you get a longer floating comparadun with a more realistic silhouette.

Thread: Veevus 16/0 Medium dun
Tail: Coq de Leon Medium Dun
Body: Medium dun Beaver Belly
 Wing: Coastal Deer Hair
(length of shank only not including hook eye)

 Hackle: Medium or light dun
 Note: Cut V below fly on last three turns of hackle

This is a simple fly to tie and is essential for any flybox all season. The colors may vary from BWO colors to a PMD or PED color way. Be creative and even try a really dark pattern using a trailing shuck of Zelon, Antron, or poly yarn.
~thanks for letting me share ~ Clint