Shallow Waters on the Mad River

“Shallow Waters” by Clint Bova 
11"x14" Watercolor on Arches 9o lb.

“Breaking the norm” is always a fishing mantra of mine especially when it comes to the topic of where the fish hold and where they actually feed. Many fisherman go directly to the deepest chasm they can find and drop lines. Depending on what time of day you may find them in the deepest lanes but they may not be feeding. The Mad River has taught me time and time again that big fish often feed directly in front of the deeper lies or holding areas. The upstream approach is always the most intelligent tactic carefully watching for tipping snouts and what I call “super sippers” these are fish that are over 15" and out in the open taking smallish flies.

 This nice Mad River Brown (above) was caught in about 12 inches of water and took a #18 Para Ant. Below him back about 25 feet was his holding lane that is about 4 feet deep. Looking for deep water is all fine and good but always remember often in the shallows above their holes is their favorite buffet lines.
                           ~Clint Joseph Bova