“Johnny Logan” 7' 4wt. 2pc.

 A nice Brown caught this season during 
the Trico hatch August 2010 on the “Johnny Logan” 7' 4wt.

I recently had an inquiry about this particular rod and I thought I would elaborate a little on it. I started developing this taper back in 2004 specifically for tight stream situations and tiny fly's. It has served me well over the years as a frequently used rod throughout the season. It also is one of my more popular selling rods. I also use it as a go-to rod for Trico hatches and midging. It has a very smooth “true” 4wt. action. It loads great for in close casts and out to the 40 foot mark. It is definitely a rod that I use for smaller drys for fussy Browns. The picture above is a Brown caught on a #22 Trico using the “Johnny Logan” at about 5:30 am in the morning. When the Trico hatch is on this rod pulls through for me every time. I have a few PA clients that love fishing this rod on the Letort and Penn's Creek for the same reasons I do. The rod casts like a gem and puts the fly exactly where you want it... in front of big fussy Brown Trout very delicately.

 Early morning Trico entanglements with a lot of 
slurping noises in the background. Picture taken 
same morning as above photo.