#9343 7'9" 4wt 3pc.

There has been a noticeable enthusiasm for my #9343 7'9" 4wt 3pc. tapers. This is a wonderful crisp dry fly and nymphing rod that roll casts great and can handle many different fishing situations from small to medium water. Comes with a down locking seat with a domed cap, and distinctive swelled butt. Wraps are either black with intermediates or clear with fine black tipping.

“The length of this rod is perfect for new river prospecting on spring creeks and freestoners around the U.S.”
                                                ~Sam Carlson / Charleston WV

 I have been getting inquiries in regards to this desired length over the past two or so years and it has become increasingly popular size for travel as well as my 5wt. model the #9343. As people describe it...“its shorter that an 8' rod but a bit more flexible river wise than a 7'6"... its a great throughout the season go anywhere rod” 

~Clint Joseph Bova