Midging Amongst Mayflies

Sometimes the big Grandaddies get particular in the feeding lane. I caught this Brown in about 12" of clear water on the Mad River earlier this week. This picture shows a #18 dry Midge pattern in this Browns jaw. He was refusing “the naturals”, Hendricksons, in the feeding lane. I watched him for a few minutes from downstream. I kept seeing a big orange flash, sucking in the invisible something, while larger mayflies just floated right over him. I resisted the urge to float a dun near his head so I grabbed my old faithful little down wing Caddis pattern, aka my “Little DWC”. Tied small doubles as an effective midge pattern as well. Whomp! It's always nice to open a season up with a fish like this. The Rod in the picture on top: 7'3" 4wt. “Moluntha”  

“Little DWC” (Down Wing Caddis) doubles as an 
old standby midge pattern this particular one tied on a #20 hook
not a “pretty fly” but very effective for fussy Browns

Hook: TMC 101 #18-#24
Thread: Pearsall's silk winding thread~Gray
Hackle: Light or dark dun
Body: Dubbed with medium dun, dyed silk from a raw hank
Wing: Canadian goose breast feather

Happy spring fishing to everyone...
expect the unexpected with no expectations
                               ~Clint bova